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Asanas In Sitting Asanas in Lying on Back Asanas in Lying on Stomach Asanas in Standing


Each posture of the body may be said to be an asan.

The asan that is deliberately postured by uniting the mind and body is called a ‘Yogasan’. Our ancestors used to practice only a few asanas in ancient period. Centuries later, Rishis and Yogis had realized the great potentialities and values of Yogasanas, and started conducting investigations and researches in Yogas and discovered innumerable Yogasanas. Among those asanas, many of them are being practiced by Yoga practitioners. These days, different Yoga instructors and experts have graded the asanas according to their needs and utility.

The important objective of perfecting and mastering the Yogasanas is to finally prepare the body to help the mind enter the higher levels of spiritual goal.

Gandhi Gyan Mandir Yoga Kendra with its many years of rich experience in Yoga practice, training and teaching, has evolved a useful and sequentially graded simple order of asanas that gives cumulative benefits. Everyone can easily follow these orders and get benefited.

The body is in four different positions during Yogasanas practice. They are:
1. Yogic Warm Up
2. Asanas in Sitting
3. Asanas in Lying on Back
4. Asanas in Lying on Stomach
5. Asanas in Standing

The above four are dealt in detail in the following chapters for the benefit of the readers and practitioners.

Note: The procedures of Yogasanas, their utility, special effects and important benefits, with special notes are given at the end of each asan, so that the readers may select required asanas according to their needs.

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