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The Children are the future of any country, so a country’s future is good if the children have become healthy and talented. Because of computer games and mobiles the physical activity of the children became very less. Instead of playing in the ground most kids spending time in computer games, which is bad for eyes and health too.

The diabetes and some health problems becoming more in kids at these days.

Yoga is an essential part of life for every one in this fast and competitive world, to make the children set for this competition it’s a must and should at these days.


The main problems children facing present days are lack of concentration and memory!! In some kids the digestion problem is also common. Yoga have proved its major role to over come from this problems. One of the research conducted by Mangalore university shown increase in IQ ,percentage of attendance , marks, concentration and raise in hemoglobin level in blood, after implementing yoga for school going kids.

The Asanas and Pranayamas of the yoga have given good result on children for all above problems. The some yoga practices which helpful for children are

Sun salutation, Trikonasan(Triangle pose), Veer bhadrasan( Warrior pose), Vrkshasana(tree posture),Ustrasan(camel pose) , padmasan( lotus pose), Sarvangasan( sholderstand), Chakrasana(wheel pose). The pranayam (breathing exercises) like Ujjayi and anuloma viloma (alternate nostril breathing) also very help full for children. The practice of Trataka (Candle meditation)is very good to increase concentration and to improve eyesight.

The school need to keep at least Forty minutes for Yoga, for the benefit of all the children. Surely the children will be more attentive in full day classes if they started the school day with yoga. Lot schools in India started already yoga as a study subject for children. There is no doubt; every country will get good future generation if it implements yoga as a part of children daily routine.

NOTE:The minimum age to start Yoga is 5 year, because till there bones are smooth. So it’s always advised to start yoga at this age.

Hyderabad Parents