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Museum for the city
"Change move forward, but leave no one behind," as Maqdoom, a famous Hyderabadi poet said. In a city Like Hyderabad, which is a melting po of cultures, change has left its mark at every turn.
The new City Museum celebrates the changes our city has gone through. Chief curator D Bhasker Rao says. "The history of Hyderabad goes well beyond theestablished year of 1591. In fact, there are traces of a civilization here 4000 years ago. The city museum will try to showcase the multifaceted hues of the city and its rich heritage in sequential manner."
Hyderabad is an ancient town mentioned for its many typical monuments,temples, churches, masjids, and bazaars. Lots of impacts has shaped the character of the town in the last 400 years.

Hyderabad History
" A City Without A Past Is Like A Man Without His Memory"
The first museum in the country dedicated to unraveling the history of a city, this is an extension of the existing Nizam's museum in the sprawling Purani Haveli complex ground built in 1750 and located in the heart of the old city. On display for the first time are seven specifically designed maps that trace Hyderabad's fascinating journey from the 13th century to the present. There is also a toudh-screen kiosk that will reveal to the visitors a pictorial history of 50 of the city's mohallahs in four languages (English, Hindi, Telugu and Urdu.)
The cheif architect of the museum, Anuradha Naik says, "A city without a past is like a man without his memory. Our attempt is to show the evolution of Hyderabad and we wanted to have material which would interest a five year old as well as a 75 year old historian."
Trade and commerce, weights and measures, textiles, post and communication, transport, education, transport, education, calligraphy, architecture, art and craft, Hyderabadi cuisine and its people - it is all showcased here. Artifacts include exquisite qahwa cups, encrusted with Golconda diamonds, perfume bottles studded with pearls, ivory walking sticks, beautifully crafted swords and daggers, rare stamps and coins. The vintage photographs give a glimpse into the unhurried life of the past. The rare pictures include those of the then rliyr Hyderabad Bicycle Club in 1894 as well those of cycle rickshaws parked in Nampally in 1945 and taxis at Afzal Gunj in 1937!
Tollywood also has kiosk here with clay handprints of some of the leading lights of the Telugu film industry including ANR, Jamuna and Nagarjuna. Foodies will enjoy the story of Hyderabadi Biryani - even the recipe is recorded here, so budding chefs can try their hands at cooking this city specialty.
The museum also shares interesting anecdotes about the city. For instance, the reason all APSRTC buses have the letter 'z' on their registration plates dates back ot 1936, when the seventh Nizam wanted wanted to name the buses after his mother, Zehra Begum but settled for just a 'z'!
Narrating stories and depicting a way of life gone forever, a tour of the museum is like taking a walk back into the past.
Hyderabad History Hyderabad History Hyderabad History

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